DIY bench

zij fronpag

Do you have a small veranda or big hallway, and do you have some extra space to put a new bench in ? Maybe you might make this 2 persons bench. It’s made out of a birch plywood panel finished with natural beeswax with some pigments. If you ask your local DIY shop to saw the needed pieces, it’s quite easy to make yourself with simple tools. Here is the … Continue reading

DIY nightstand


Although you do see a nightstand only twice a day ( in the morning and in the evening) it’s nice to wake up out of your dreams, seeing your favourite book lying on your favourite nightstand. A smile on your face occurs ! These are the simple things in life you need. We had an old black painted nightstand, a little bit gloomy perhaps !  So I made a new … Continue reading

DIY coffee table

Last year I designed a bench an we put a new carpet in place. The only thing we still needed was a coffee table. Inspired by the fifties I designed a small simple coffee table with two stores. One for a few cup of coffee’s and one for other stuff. f.e. magazines or books. If you want to make this coffee table yourself please download these instructions here: DIY Instructions … Continue reading

DIY shoe rack

It’s amazing how many shoes there are all over the place if you do not have a suitable storage. That’s why I made this simple shoe rack in our small entrance. (Dutch houses do often have small entrances). We use it some time now and it is functioning very good. By putting your shoes upright, flat to the wall, you save some floorspace too. Do you want to make the … Continue reading